Wingate Hughes Unhinges D.C. Architecture World

Wingate Hughes Architects is not your average architecture firm. We are taking over Washington, D.C. with our convention-defying, provocative designs for the District’s most compelling, innovative clients. Our stimulating workplace inspires bold ideas and creativity, and everyone at Wingate Hughes embraces their inner bad a**.  We push the limits in architectural design and see the world differently. Our exciting way of thinking elicits constant curiosity from the architecture and design world, so we decided to answer you with a rock-and-roll, whiskey laden day at the Black Cat. This is Wingate Hughes Architects.


Wingate Hughes is an exceptionally supportive environment that harvests rare talent. We learn and grow from our team and genuinely enjoy working together. When a new project lands on our desks, our design process begins with good ‘ol collaborative drawing. As basic as it sounds, it’s anything but. This is when the magic happens, and we work together to design the perfect environment that encapsulates our client’s personality while allowing them to thrive. At every drawing session, our ideas are bigger and better than the last.
©Wingate Hughes Architects Washington DC Defy Convention


Unhinge Your Brain

At Wingate Hughes, we encourage each other to expand our thinking and spark the next big idea. We’re designing the coolest offices in D.C. — offices people dream about — and we’re proud of the insanely creative environments we are making. To get to the final design, we let loose. There is nothing standard about this time. After the initial drawing phase, we let our ideas fly. We unhinge and say and draw whatever pops into our brains. Then, we dig even deeper. Our best ideas hide behind the line most are afraid to cross, and that’s where our next office concept lives. ©Wingate Hughes Architects Washington DC Defy Convention


Defy Convention

Wingate Hughes is built on defying convention, and the firm is loyal to this stance in our design process. We are passionate about our ideas and embrace new techniques and ways of executing killer design work. We will do whatever it takes to complete our breakthrough ideas, especially if it hasn’t been done before. If our concept requires a mallet and a mini ax, so be it.
©Wingate Hughes Architects Washington DC Defy Convention


Dare Yourself

Wingate Hughes’ founding co-principals Gavin Hughes Daniels and Gavin Wingate Bowie drive the firm to be better, more creative, and to never forget everything is about the client. They recognize our strengths and position the firm for success by fearlessly leading us to dare ourselves, take that leap, and ensure that every design is our best work we’ve ever done.
©Wingate Hughes Architects Washington DC Defy Convention


Laugh Out Loud

We love working together and have a blast at our jobs. Every chance we get, we celebrate the amazing offices we design, the friendships we create at our firm and in D.C., and the crazy, awesome world of Wingate Hughes. It’s fun, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
©Wingate Hughes Architects Washington DC Defy Convention