Alex Beranek

Alex Beranek, a Staff Designer at Wingate Hughes, concentrates on construction and architectural design for innovative commercial interiors. Alex’s superior communication style and hands-on approach help him always put client relationships and needs first. He draws design inspiration from this client feedback, culture, and people.  He insists that client connection is the key to superior design work.

Alex’s career includes design work with large-scale fabrication shops across the east coast. This background gives him a unique understanding of the importance of finishes, material selections, and perfectionism. Alex enjoys bringing big ideas and concepts to life and has extensive experience in conceptual design, construction, and the latest software such as AutoCAD, Inventor, and Rhino. Additionally, his passions for bringing communities together, urban placemaking, refining neighborhoods, and connecting people in new, unexpecting ways enhances Alex’s architectural eye, style, and appreciation for discovery.

Alex’s volunteerism and international experience includes Building Relationships in Communities (BRIC), a group organized by students to design communities in Philadelphia; the Association of Puerto Ricans on the March (APM) to design a small plaza in a community in East Philadelphia; a design-build summer-long workshop in Athens, Greece; and residential work for an international Austria-based architecture firm.

B.S. Architecture, Temple University