Innovative commercial architecture designs through a relationship-driven process.


The hallmark of relationship-driven design is inherent simplicity. Sophisticated design, restrained by use of basic ingredients, produces amazing results.

Relationship-driven design is a unique pairing of our skills with your goals, considering your wants, needs and best interest, at every level, across each decision during the complete design cycle.


Simple ingredients are required. The secret lies in the process, knowing which ingredient to use, in which order, for what purpose, and with what method.

Our final product is always world class.

We are the go-to architecture firm for Washington, DC's entrepreneurial and high-growth companies.


Wingate Hughes, backed by the best architects and designers in Washington, DC, defines the future of commercial interiors and office design.

Restraint, simplicity and focus on process separates Wingate Hughes from the ordinary.

Design your dream office.